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What is RPA?

It is a revolutionary technology that accelerates the routine, repetitive and mundane rule-based tasks normally performed by human operators, increases the quality and consistency of business processes, and supports the scalability of business processes while freeing up human resources to focus on more complex, added value functions and providing cost advantages. Leave your repetitive tasks to Robusta’s virtual digital workers and focus on main functions of your business.

Measurable Advantages of RPA


A robot can work 24/7. It doesn’t need a vacation or a break, and its efficiency level stays the same. Since it is software based, it can work faster than a human and can process the data in a very short time.


A robot costs around one-third of a full-time employee. The RPA robots, which have five times the average working time of an average employee, can also easily be integrated into IT systems.


Robots are not affected by conditions such as intense work conditions or emotional problems, they do not make mistakes, do not forget any tasks and do not stray from the beaten path that’s assigned to them.


Software based robots be integrated into the existing systems in desired numbers. Once the tasks are prepared, the number of robots can be increased or decreased instantly.

Comprehensive Analysis

Through making the process data auditable and digitized, detailed analysis can be carried out to determine process improvement opportunities.

Employee Experience (EX)

Leaving room for less routine and manual work increases staff efficiency and employee satisfaction.

What can you achieve with RPA?

In Which Industries and Processes Can RPA Be Used?

You can accelerate repetitive tasks in every industry from retail to logistics, finance to health, communications to energy etc. Giving mundane tasks to Robusta, you can focus on more innovative and added value tasks while saving costs and time.
In addition to structured data, semi-structured and unstructured data can be added to automation, thanks to technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
For this, you can review our Smart Process Automation and Cognitive Automation products.

How do Companies Benefit from RPA?

Increase in Productivity

Robusta Robotic Process Automation minimizes human intervention while working continuously. If necessary, number of virtual robots can easily be increased, and new tasks can be assigned to them.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

Our RPA solutions, which cost one-third of full-time employee on average, provide fast and high ROI thanks to an increased performance, resource distribution improvement, 24/7 output and error-free operations.

Quality Improvement

In our digital workforce platform, possible human errors are eliminated by automation. You can benefit from the human resources that are freed of the repeated and boring tasks, in new ways.

What Kind of an Infrastructure Do You Need to Setup RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is platform agnostic and therefore it can run on any type of desktop and web application or application interfaces. Robusta can easily be trained to fulfil your business processes to mimic human action. You can easily set up the robots that will constitute your digital workforce by utilizing Robusta Recorder to build the business processes.

You can start using RPA robots without any IT infrastructure change or an additional investment. The number of software robots of which are instantly integrated into your system can easily be increased or decreased.

Do Robots Need Human Intervention?

Robots can work without human intervention, minimizing the error rate. Robusta also supports the attended processes automation that enables bots and people work together. Robusta cognitive automation components, which use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, enable the system to make decisions and make predictions and insights based on the data.

Software bots auditing every single action can handle things quickly and accurately, and they don't need human intervention to start processing in certain number of scenarios. Bots can be triggered by specific user action or system event and can operate in the background allowing employees to focus on other things.

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